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The SIS-Forum is organized around a Programme Committee and Organizing Committee.
They are coordinated y the Project Manager.

Programme Committee

The Programme Committee  (PC) is in charge of creating the scientific programme of the Forum. It is composed of CERN as well as  external members. CERN members come from multiple CERN departments.

The programme results from the combination of invited projects and projects selected from SIS-Forum Call or Content (CfC).

The work of the Programme Committee includes the following tasks

  • Approaching pro-actively potential scientists and  and research institutions likely to be invited

  • Evaluating Expression of Interests forms received as a response to the CfC

  • Liaising with presenters of selected projects for issues regarding the content

  • Reviewing pre-view material as received

  • Ensuring presenters deliver on time their presentation material

  • Verifying the presentation material operates correctly on the standard SIS-Forum computer servers

  • Being available during the event

Each selected projects has a designated PC member as a liaison person for content issues.

Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee (OC) s in charge of ensuring the timely design, planning, construction of the stand and the necessary computing and networking environment, as well as organizing the promotion and public relation activities, including creation of leaflets and other printed material.

The work of the Organizing Committee includes the following tasks:

  • Project coordination

  • Secretariat support

  • Technical installation

  • Liaison with Stand Designer

  • Liaison with Swiss Agency for Development (ITC4D organizers)

  • Liaison with Scientific Presenters

  • Logo, message design

  • Public Relation

  • Funding

  • Sponsoring

  • Organisation of the SIS-Forum On-line









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