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Scientific Presenters Area
This area provides hints and information to scientists invited to present their project or activity at the SIS-Forum
Warning :

Read carefully the recommendations below under "New". Most of them are derived from the stringent security measures applying to the Head of States Summit. They are beyond our control.

Read and print Access and badges before coming (you should have returned the Excel form for getting Exibitor badge)

How can you access the exhibition area (Hall 4)?

You must request from us an exhibitor badge (by returning  to Excel form sent by email(1)  ), and then pick up your badge at Palexpo, Hall 7. See Access and badges

(1) for security reasons, this form is not available on this site

When should you arrive on the stand?
In any case, plan to be on the stand at last 15 minutes before your first timeslot.

If you are coming along with your own laptop, you should have contacted your CERN liaison person for a prior test.

Delay to pick up badges?
See Access and badges.

We advise you not to pick up your badge in the last minute.We ignore how long security procedures will take to pick up badges. Try and plan sufficient time. We cannot be more specific a this stage.

Beware:  Hall 7 (badge pick up) is not the exhibition hall: it is about 10 minutes walk from Hall 4 where the SIS-Forum takes place.

Delay to enter the exhibition area (Hall 4)?
Once provided with your badge, there will probably be a security check line to enter the exhibition area (hall 4). Plan sufficient time. Unfortunately, we cannot be more specific at this stage.

What is your project reference?

You will find it in the full list of projects

In which Theme will your project be presented?

You will find it in the full list of projects or in the list by theme

What are the  timeslots allocated for the presentation of your project?

Available from the Schedule Page, then select your theme

How to retrieve the Information Note #2 you received by email?

Here it is.

What is the standard computing and displaying environment made available for your presentation.?

see the Standard technical setting

Have you still pending questions?

See the FAQ

Have you unanswered questions regarding the content of  your presentation, the technical setting?

Contact your CERN liaison person

Have you unanswered questions about the invitation to attend the RSIS conference at CERN, about ERN hotel, about passes for the SIS-Forum - ICT4D exhibition?


See Urgent Note for those who have not returned Form #2: absolute deadline 28th November, 17:00



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