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SIS-forum visitors who were willing to be photographed next to the World's first web server can view and download their picture.
See the Visitor Picture Gallery

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For visitors to the SIS-forum @ ICT4D

Opening Hours | Tickets | What you can see | What you cannot do | Stand location | How to get to Palexpo

CERN's  SIS-forum is displayed on stands 620 ("Science Tree" stand) and 750 (On-line stand) in the ICT4D platform, Hall4, Palexpo. See Maps below, but stands are most easy to find: just central in the Hall!

Opening Hours

You may find more on the ICT4D site

  • Tuesday 9 December  9.00 am – 6.00 pm

  • Wednesday 10 December  9.00 am – 6.00 pm

  • Thursday 11 December  9.00 am – 6.00 pm

  • Friday 12 December   9.00 am – 6.00 pm

  • Saturday 13 December  9.00 am – 4.00 pm


Register on-line from the ICT4D registration site

Beware: from ICT4D

For security reasons, tickets for the ICT for Development Platform are personalized.
Personal data of each visitor has to be indicated for each single ticket.

Tickets have to be obtained directly from ICT4D
Cost is CHF20 for a one-day pass.

Beware: take an ID with you

ID document

Please note that the pass may not be sufficient to enter the exhibit area: you may be asked to show a valid passport or ID document.

What you can do, what you can see with an ICT4D ticket

Visit the exhibition , including CERN stands

There are hundreds of stands, focusing on how Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) can help in the development of less favored regions. See ICT4D programme.

This includes CERN' main stand (Science Tree, see the programme - 42 projects invited from 32 organizations) and CERN's on-line stand where you can see impressive live demonstrations.

Meet Special  visitors

The stand has been regularly visited by VIPs since its opening, including head of states and governments, ministries and their adviser, Heads of United Nations Agencies.

See Picture Gallery for a view of some of the special visitors.


His Excellency Mr. Ion Iliescu, President of Romania, visiting the SIS-Forum stand, is being presented the World's first web server.

Be photographed in front of the World's first web server

The "Next" server, back from temporary exhibition in science museum, is displayed on the CERN SIS-forum stand (#620).

You may be photographed besides it, and the picture be made immediately available (with your permission) on this web site, as done for dozens of other visitors already.


Two visitors pictured by CERN stand team besides the World's first web server

Attend conferences and panel discussions organized in the framework of the ICT4D event

What is called ICT4D is an exhibition plus  a series of conferences.

See the programme of ICT4D conferences and panels on the ICT4D site.

What you CANNOT  do with an ICT4D ticket

Enter the  WSIS area.



Access to the World Summit on the Information Society Area itself (including the Heads of State main room, ...) is restricted to accredited representatives from governmental delegations, international organization and the civil society.

See the  SIS-Forum@ICT$D page for explanations of the acronyms: WSIS, ICT4D, SIS-Forum.

Stand Location

The two stands are part of the ICT4D exhibition area, Palexpo, Hall 4.

See detailed Palexpo Map

The two stands are located in the centre of the exhibition area  in Hall 4


How to get to Palexpo

CERN shuttle (from CERN site)

CERN's SIS-forum has organized a small shuttle service (14 seats) between the CERN site and Palexpo from Tuesday 9th to Friday 12th December.


CERN - > Palexpo


CERN Main Building

CERN - > Palexpo


CERN Main Building

Palexpo - > CERN


Palexpo - > CERN



I you come with the shuttle, you may certainly find a CERN colleague who
may give you a lift to return  to CERN at the end of the day.

By car

You should park in one of the public parkings (public does not mean free of charge) on the "Arena" side of the highway (that is, NOT the Palexpo side) (e.g. Parking 32, Railway station parking, ...).

By bus

From Geneva railway station: Take bus no. 5 (every 15 minutes), direction “Geneva Palexpo”. The final station is your destination: Geneva Palexpo




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