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SIS-Forum at ICT4D

SIS-Forum@ict4d:  A Complementary event to the RSIS conference, in the framework of the ICT4D Platform.

This is the first instantiation of the SIS-Forum concept.


The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and the Global Knowledge Partnership are organizing in Palexpo, Geneva, during the WSIS an exhibition and a series of events collectively called the ICT for Developement platform (ICT4D).


The RSIS Conference

CERN, together with the International Council for Science, the Third World Academy of Sciences, and UNESCO, organizes a conference called The Role of Science in the Information Society on the 8th and 9th December 2003, in the framework of the World Summit on the Information Society.
The SIS-Forum @ ICT4D


In addition to the conference, CERN has organized an exhibition/conference (see SIS-Forum concept) on behalf of the world's scientific community called SIS-Forum @ICT4D  (Science and Information Society Forum at the ICT4D).

The SIS-Forum@ict4d exhibition is displayed at Palexpo, Geneva, from the 9th to the 13th of December 2003. It consists of digital demonstrations and presentations of projects and activities, all focusing on science's leading role in driving the development of the Information Society.

In addition to demonstrations of invited and selected projects, the forum will highlight  key moments of RSIS , and publicize the results of the conference.

The messages Exhibits at the SIS-Forum will dramatise features of science that foster ICT innovation:


Scientists deployed the Internet Infrastructure

Scientists invented the World Wide Web

Scientists are developing the computing Grid


Science is collaborative and transcends borders

Scientific communities can be the vector for IS deployment is developing regions

Call for Content for the  SIS-Forum @ ICT4D


CERN has invited the scientific community to propose demonstrations and presentations for the SIS-Forum exhibition, and has issued a Call for Content for the event.

Selected projects have been offered free-of-charge access to the SIS-Forum stands and to the technical setting to present or demonstrate their activity. They have to bear other costs (such as travel and lodging costs of technical and presenting personnel, provision and shipment of any special equipment).

Stands @ ICT4D

The SIS-Forum, as implemented at the ICT4D, consists of two stands.
  • The main stand is divided into four distinct thematic areas with standard computing and presentation equipment. These areas reflect some of the topics of the RSIS conference. It portrays a ScienceTree.
  •  The second stand, called SIS Forum On-line is dedicated to on-line demonstrations.

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